Posted by: modemmack | October 27, 2009

Trials and Tribbilation (Star Trek Pun)

I haven’t had too much trouble modifying the theme on my site I’ve been using a theme called Atahualpa. It’s been a fairly decent experience, although I haven’t been able to make the pages look that pretty just yet. I’m much more experienced using HTML editors, and this is getting me out of my comfort zone. Also a Flash class is completely devouring most of my free time.

So far I’ve swapped out the rotating banners, placed in an icon, and added a ico graphic that shows up on the tab, and the url bars of pretty much all browsers. I need to redo it as it appears to have come out rather spotty on closer inspection.

I rather nervous about dealing with all this stuff. All I every wanted to do was 3D model, but I found out that nobody will hire you unless you know everything apprenticeship is pretty much dead as far as I can see. But I digress.


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