Posted by: modemmack | October 7, 2009

A monster in the works.


In order to hone my skills I’ve opened up some projects that I just quit on when lost my job last year.  I’m blowing the dust off of these projects.  I hate to say that I’ve been procrastinating, but some of my incomplete projects are several years old.  I have a 3D model (not shown) that is my mascot character.  His name is “Icon”, and he has 2 robotic arms, and a bobble head helmet.  I’ve been slowly, very slowly working on it for almost 4 years!  Everytime I get frustrated, I just stop.  I don’t have people around me that every know the software.  Forums really suck because you never know when anybody will get back to you.  It’s almost as bad as the CC online forums. 

The monster below has no name as of yet.  I created him from scratch using Z-Brush, and a tutorial video from Digital Tutors.  Yet again I got frustrated and just stopped.  I need a task master to crack the whip sometimes.  Otherwise I get lazy.

I'm gonna eat ya!


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