Posted by: modemmack | October 4, 2009

Almost phished

This happened several years ago.  As usual, I was broke.  I was just checking my email when I got a very official alert from Bank of America (or Stank of America, as Bill Maher calls it).  The message said “Your account has been compromised.  Please login though this link to check you accounts”.  Being that is was a constant real fear of mine at the time I clicked on the link.  At that same moment I thought “Wait a minute…”.  Seconds later the anti-phishing feature in Firefox (or IE?)  kicked in and said, “Slow you roll fool.  These clowns are trying to jack your paper”.  I could be off on the wording, but it was close.  I immediately closed the window, and forwarded the spoofing email to the federal fraud email site, and B of A’s email fraud link.  End of story.

He makes a good living when you just click everything.

He makes a good living when you just click everything.



  1. HAHAHA – great photo, and funny story.

    I’ve seen a couple of VERY “good” phishing emails ostensibly from BofA recently – I didn’t bite, but did forward them to the phishing email fraud address from BofA. Yeah, I never click on links in emails – I go to the site on my own and check there, just in case. I usually view the source of the email, too, if I am suspicious, to see where the links actually point, and see where it actually comes from. I think one of them went to “bankofaamerica” or something similar – maybe “bankofameriica” – something hard to notice, anyway. Glad Firefox got your back.

    And, I love Bill Maher.

  2. I LOVE the photo drawings too! I got a similar BofA email, and since we have not used BofA for over 10 years, I forwarded the email and a note to them. The link didn’t go to the home page, so I was suspicious – but they responded that the email was legit and thanked me for my diligence….but still …it seemed very odd, and it is SO easy to click on these things even when we know better!

  3. I love bill Maher too! I’ve seen his show live. It’s better on TV.
    Yeah… I never reply to those e-mails…i contact them. I never reply. great story thanks for sharing…you know i’m never sure if we are supposed to reply on the cerro coso website or on the actual site….like this?

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