Posted by: modemmack | September 24, 2009

A little more under control.

I was getting very nervous, because I couldn’t seem to get a foothold on keeping up with my studies.  I’m finding it too hard to do any serious studying at home.  Since I already work in a school, I just asked my boss if I could study in the school.  He said yes, so now I’ll be doing the bulk of my studies here.  This is the second day, and I’m typing this message in the same location as the image.  You know designing anything is so much easier when you add a decent sized screen.

I finally have my blog site up and running.  Here’s the link:



  1. Iva, I couldnt get the link to work, now THAT is what I call a design board! WOW!

    • I change the url to just The “ingearsite” was one level too many, so I got rid of it. Besides I have quite a few resumes with only on it. I know I could probably use some code to redirect users to the correct folders, but I didn’t want to wait for a response to my question.

  2. I have the same problem, Iva! I get on tangents in my studies too. So, everything ends up started, but not finished. Looks like you have a very nice set up now and hopefully this will help you get some work done. We’ll get through it in the end!

    I, also, couldn’t see the site. Look forward to seeing what you’ve done with it!

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